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Masks, Streams, A Brand New Single & How to Join The Roshamfam! 

We have SO much going on this week so let's go over the highlights! We're really excited to show you a few things we've been working on getting out to you! A few are here this week and a few more are on their way! Be sure to make your way to the end of this blog post. We saved the coolest thing for last!

After Math Masks

This week we're taking pre-orders for face masks and we're offering our supporters 25% off! These masks are high quality, eco-friendly, reusable and comfortable to wear all day. The CDC recommends wearing a mask as one way to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in addition to social distancing. If you'd like to review the latest peer reviewed study on the proven effectiveness of face masks by the International Journal of Nursing Studies we found a great article HERE.

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We've been working on a few new tracks and we're so excited to announce that our new Full Studio Single "Maybe I Don't Have To,"  is out Now! If you'd like to get a copy it's available exclusively for free with each mask pre-order. It will be available for regular download and supporter tiers in a few weeks! You can hear a preview on our Facebook and Instagram Stories. Be sure to follow our pages if you haven't already.








Did you know that we live stream this Blog every Wednesday Night at 8pm on Facebook? It's a series called "Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast," a time to connect, chat and answer any questions you have about our favorite electronic duo. We really enjoy hanging out with you and hearing about your day. Be sure to tune in! We don't just talk about music. In fact we'd rather just talk to you! Tune in for episode 5 tonight at 8pm est. 

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We took a break for a few weeks from live show streaming so we could work on getting a few projects off the ground for next month. We've missed it a lot! We are SOOO excited to announce we have an official time slot for our live stream this Friday! Thanks for tuning in last week's Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast E4 to help us decide! If you missed it you can still watch it on Facebook (just click the Vlog link). We can't wait to see you and rock out! Click the flyer below to visit the official FB event for the stream. Please help us invite some cool babes & breauxs like yourself. The more the merrier! We don't have a fire code capacity for this one! 

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We wouldn't be able to continue making content if it wasn't for our awesome supporters! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! When we had to shift our content from live events to solely online due to the Covid 19 outbreak we weren't sure if we'd be able to continue making music. Continued support from readers like you help to ensure we can keep this project going and continue creating content that has value. Here's our shout outs for last week's supporters!

Phillip T, James B, John & Laura L, Rosemary D, William & Sharon S, Nancy B, Christene D, Renee T & Phyllis F!

Y'all are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your support!



Last week we released, for a very limited time, our first collection of recordings together called "Gaudy Monstrosity." It's not available anywhere online for purchase or streaming. It will be available on this month's supporter tier along with some exclusive bonus content not included with the original release and then will go back in the vault to make way for the next wave of new music coming in a few weeks. If you haven't gotten a chance to get it (or any of the other exclusive supporter content) you still can at If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it, please consider making a donation of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more. Here's this month's supporter tier.




You made it! We saved the most exciting bit of news for last! We started a 24hr group chat on Facebook called "Roshamfam." This is a home (more like a tree fort) for fans of Roshambeaux to hangout, share thoughts, pictures, ideas & shadow drops of our favorite electronic duo. If you know of any other babes or breauxs that should be here in this group with all of us, invite them so we can chat, share and become a family! We're waiting for you! 

How to Join...
Simple, just click the below image to go to the Facebook Group. Hit "Join Group" once you're there to knock on the door and one of our Family members will let you in. We just put this up and it's already growing by word of mouth. It's really cool to see what people are posting and sharing! We're keeping it invitation only for now but consider this your invitation!

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4 Ways Musicians (Used To) Make Money & 4 Things They Have To Do Now. 



How Musicians (Used To) Make Money

The time tested model of income (or potential income) for a musician at any level has been the same for 50 years whether it's a popular Top 40 charting artist or the guy playing for tips at a smoky bar to 4 people on the bad side of town. 

1. Concerts 60%

Roshambeaux- Lynch's Jacksonville, FL
(We can't wait to see you guys again!)

As performers or entertainers it's easy to understand that the most money you'll make comes from, well... performing and entertaining. That's why most artists try to hit the road as soon as their new album is released. The idea that an artist can get a song on the radio and sit back and collect fat royalty checks until they write their next hit is a nice thought but it's at best an exaggeration. Even if that were the case (Here's looking at you Rembrandts!), imagine the direct difference just a few sold out arena shows, for even just, a week would mean for that artist. It's the same metric for the guy that gets one week of airplay on an am college station and makes $0.04 in royalties; He'd definitely make at least a few bucks busking on the street next to a local cafe. The bottom line is that any musician will make the most money actually playing for people.


2. Merch 25%

Limited sizes available at

If you've ever talked to an artist agent or artist manager you've probably heard the phrase, "Tees and Tours." Merchandise is that little extra that can make or break a successful tour. As we've said, lots of tour plans just plan to break even after agent fees, hotels, food, gas and advertisement so a lot of times the actual artist's paycheck can heavily rely on selling tee shirts after the show. We're not saying it's impossible to tour without merch and still make a living but  having a good stock of things that help people take the experience home with them makes a huge difference on whether or not being a musician is sustainable in the long run.


3. Licencing 10%

The next time you watch a show on Netflix try closing your eyes and to pay attention to how much music is in any given episode of your favorite show. Typically those shows entered an agreement with the musician. The deals range from flat initial buys to very small percentages of what the episode generates in the long run. There are plenty of artists that make a full time living off licensing but the model still stands. Artists will make a lot more playing that song for a crowd of people at a show. Sometimes just one show, two or three if you got a sweet deal.


4. Royalties 1-5%

Our Royalty Report (page 1) from May 2020

The word "royalties" is kind of laughable. The idea that that's what will make you live like the King of Spain is in just one word: WRONG. In the old days radio might pay an artist $0.03-05 (on the high end) per play. With the advent of streaming services that number has gone down to $0.00069 for basic subscribers and $0.00084 for paid subscribers. So if an artist goes viral with a million plays in 2020, they'll get a check for $690. That being said, if you're getting a million plays on your single you should probably book a tour. You'll easily make that in a night.

So... What Do We Do Now?

Lots of musicians are setting up monthly donation tiers with perks for for their supporters ranging from simple shout outs, discounts on merch and of course music. It's definitely challenging but we've been personally blown away by the support of our own "Roshamfam" as we call them (or Roshambros/Roshambabes? Let us know?). It's challenging moving from performing more or less the same show in a different city every night for a year or two until the next album comes out to coming up with fresh content every month. Writers block has always been stressful but now it's a lot more "in your face." However, in a small way it lets us focus on the things we promised ourselves we've never let go of: Creating. We're heavy into putting on the finishing touches on what will be our second EP for this year with plans for at least one more and a full album as well. It used to be that an artist would release one project every two or three years. Now it seems like we'll be releasing two or three per year. The pressure is a little scary but luckily we've been into things that are a little scary anyway (just watch our music videos on YouTube HERE).

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If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider donating $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more and become a part of our creation process. Here's last week's new supporters. 

David M, Nancy B, Steve B, Christene W, Rane D, Christine D, Bill & Elena H, Nick R & Colby W.

Thank you guys SO much! We couldn't keep going without you!

Live Streaming

Even though we're still not able to get back on the road we've been lucky to get to see y'all on our weekly Vlogcast live on Facebook. Be sure to tune in tonight 5/20/20 at 8pm. It's so much fun getting to hang out with you!

We're planning on doing another Full Show live stream on Friday 5/29/20. Look for an official announcement next week! If you haven't gotten a chance to see the last one, you can watch it now below.

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Patreon is membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription based content service. It allows creators to and artists to earn monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers or "patrons." One of our favorite artists that uses Patreon is Otis Grey. You can check out his page Sleepy on Spotify. Otis uses his ridiculously calming voice to read old books in the public domain to help you fall asleep each night. His patrons receive exclusive poetry readings every month and new subscribers' names are featured on new episodes of Sleepy. 

We're excited to announce our launch of Patreon in the coming weeks! We'll have a few different tiers of exclusive content so be sure to follow us if you haven't already. If you have a favorite Patreon Artist give them a shout out in the comments! 




















All Photos by Roshambeaux
Additional Photo Credits - Corona Virus Cancellations Expose Vulnerability of Touring
Netflix- Netflix Logo
Patreon- Patreon Logo
Otis Grey- Sleepy Podcast on Spotify


Gaudy Monstrosity 

Gaudy Monstrosity!

We're excited to re-release this project! When we recorded this project we'd only known each other for a short while but had already decided to be best friends over some Mike's "Harder" Lemonades. We both agreed they were in fact "harder" despite tasting like vomit and lemon pledge. We'd both come from other bands, J from metal and Kyle from acoustic/jam. We'd both written a lot of music that didn't have a place in the worlds we came from so we decided that it was time to make our own. Kyle had a few acoustic demos he made in his apartment with a learners version of Protools and J had a library of beats and instrumental tracks with an early version of Reason.  We didn't have a sound, a look or even a plan but had just enough songs for a project. We recorded it ourselves in J's mom's attic and went to Best Buy and got jewel cases, Maxwell CDs and a paper cutter. We'd built up a small following at a local club that had given us a Thursday night residency so we planned a CD release party. We called it Gaudy Monstrosity because it was something big for us at the time but we knew we weren't accomplished song architects with fancy tools. It had feet of clay but a head of gold. After 10 years we look back, cringe and smile. We hope we can have the same sentiment for what we're doing now in 10 years. This is what the crowd heard 10 years ago in a dingy, pirate themed club that decided to give us a shot.


This release will only be available for a very short time and comes complete with "Cut N Fold" art and bonus photos and memoirs from our first year together. We'll tell you how to get your copy before it's discontinued again below.

Covid 19 & Our Tour

We've cancelled dates into mid June and are unsure when we'll be able to resume a normal tour schedule. We've been nothing short of fortunate and blessed by our amazing fans that have told us to press on and keep making music and have allowed us to so with their contributions and support. We're so glad to have you be a part of our creative process. This month we are paying homage to the people that have been with us from the beginning. We have for you this week.

New Music Coming Soon!

Last week we started recording a new full studio single inspired by our time in quarantine. The song is called, "Maybe I Don't Have To." We're putting the finishing touches on it and we can't wait for you to have it! We also started recording tracks for a new Remix EP. We had a lot of fun with our off the cuff live remix stream "808s N Chill" last month. We've always had a lot of fun imagining what our songs would sound like in other genres. It was great getting to think outside of our box. We decided to give the idea a little more production. We REALLY dig the vibe and we know you will too! We can confidently say both projects are some of our best work. We'll have more news on how both projects are coming along next week so stay tuned! If you haven't gotten a chance to watch our "808s N Chill" Stream" you still can on our Facebook page. Just click the graphic below.


Live Vlog Tonight!

We'll be back with our Live Vlog tonight on Facebook at 8pm! We'll have more to share about how we got started. Come hang out! Ask us anything! Sorry for the short notice! We got distracted! See you tonight!

We're Working On New Music This Week! 

No Streams This Week But...

We have a few new projects we're working on including a brand new Studio Single called, "Maybe I don't have to" and another EP! Be sure to check in with us next week! We just might have a few shadow drops for you.

In preparation for what we have coming up, we won't have any streams this week but we're hoping having some fresh music will make up for it. If you weren't able to tune into last week's Quaranstream, "Mayday Mayday Full Stream Ahead" you can still watch it on our Facebook page (just click the image above). We had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one!

Thanks For Your Support!

We're 8 weeks into quarantine and subsequently 8 weeks into a full tour cancellation. We've had to pull dates so far into mid June (possibly longer). We were very afraid that this could have meant the end of our music careers but we've had the support of so many amazing people these past few weeks keeping us going! There's no way we could have survived this without you! You are so inspiring! Shout out to last week's supporters!

Stephen D, Adrian F, Nancy B, Pam K, Brooks Plumbing, Rebekah F, Steve B & David M!

Y'all are so awesome! We can't wait to show you what we've been working on! It's because of you that we get to! If you'd like to join our list of supporters and get yourself some fresh new tunes and exclusive videos start by clicking the donate button below. It really helps!

Vlogcast, MayDay Show Stream, Cheese Brain & Ninja Turtles! 

So... How's it going?

Really, how's it going? It's ok if you're going a little insane. How many weeks are we into this anyway? We call it cheese brain: That feeling you get when you're not done with something but you just have to NOT deal with it right now. We've had plenty of days like that over the past few few weeks and if you've been fighting the cheese brain along with us let's hang out tonight.

We're on our 30th week of blogging and we're excited to see it develop into new things. We tried converting Van Philosophy into a prerecorded Vlog/Podcast and honestly it just felt like pulling teeth. We joke around with each other a lot when we get into situations like this.

"Hey man, so... which Ninja Turtle are you right now?"

It's a little bit of an inside joke but we think most people get it. We grew up watching cartoons and we'd get so excited watching them we'd let our imaginations run wild and pretend we were those characters. We still kind of do that. Not necessarily with cartoons but with other heroes. It's easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and we don't think it's such a terrible thing in and of itself. However, it can turn into something awful if you measure your self worth on what other people are doing. It turns "I want to" into "I have to."

"I have to" is a horrible place to be. It's what makes cheese brain. It distracts you from what you want to do and who you want to be. Our most recent "I have to" was a Vlog. Don't get us wrong, a Vlog is a great idea. We just went about it in a way that didn't work for us. Our whole reason for doing it was so we could find new ways of maintaining a connection to people when we're not able to see them. We love you guys. We miss you.

So, last week we took a step back and discussed what it was we actually wanted to accomplish with the idea. And you know what? It went really well. We're still doing the Vlog but it's live (you know, like what we're used to doing :p). We'll be on again at 8pm/est tonight. Be sure to tune in and tell us how you're doing. Tell us what your "I have to's" have been during this crazy pandemic and who's the best Ninja Turtle (and why it's Donatello).

Mayday Mayday!

Last week we did a live remix stream called "808's N Chill." It was a lot of fun getting to reinvent our music on the fly. If you missed it you can watch it on our Facebook Page HERE. Music starts at 1:44. Let us know what you thought. We asked you what you'd like to see for this week's stream and y'all said we should rock out with a full show so that's what we're gonna do! Tune in this Friday 5/01 @ 7pm for "Mayday Maday! Full Stream Ahead!" We can't wait to see you. Be sure to let us know what you want to hear!

If you been following our tour updates you've seen that we've cancelled the remaining dates of our Spring Tour bringing the the total to 14 weeks off the road. We're unsure how far tour cancellations will extend at this time. As you may know, Touring makes up about 90% of an artist's income. If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider donating $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more. 



Here's our new supporters from last week. We couldn't continue with out you! Special Thanks To: 

Heather D, Caleb C, Renee T, Alfonso B, Brooks Plumbing, Charles F, Michael O, Holly F, Kristie E, Colleen K, Jeff C & Kristy G!



All Photos by Roshambeaux
Additional Photo Credits:
Looper, "TMNT", "Great Aircraft of History"


This Weeks' Stream Schedule, Spring Tour Updates and What's an 808? 

Last week we aired our second "Quaranstream" Full Stream Ahead.  If you didn't get a chance to watch it it's available to watch anytime on our Facebook page. You don't need to have an account to watch it. So if you're not keen on social media you can still catch a virtual show.

Click Image to watch last weeks Full Show Live Stream

We had so much fun getting to interact with y'all! We've been going a little stir crazy not being on the road. We're so grateful that you've continued to support us through all of this so we can keep making music for you. If you're wondering how you can join the awesome group people that have been helping us press on during these strange times you can check it out at There's multiple donation tiers with different perks but even just a $1 helps us continue to do what we do.

Special Thanks to Our New Supporters Last Week!

Colby W, Airbound Entertainment, Nancy B, Melinda S, Charles F, Alisha B, Toni & Israel F, Kaitlyn C, Codey M & Lauren S. Y'all are amazing! We really couldn't do this without you!

Live Vlog Q & A Tonight!

If you've been following us you may have caught us experimenting with turning the Blog into a Vlog. We'd suspended the Vlog for that past few weeks due to Covid-19 regulations in Georgia. We hadn't quite figured out a way to follow CDC guidelines with our Vlog set. However, since we've found a way to live stream and meet social distancing requirements we're excited to announce that we'll have a live version of our Vlog airing tonight, Wednesday 4/22/20 at 8pm/est streaming from our Facebook page. We don't have to much of an agenda but we'll recap how we've been spending our time, what's coming up and answering any questions you want to know. We miss y'all and we really just want to take some time just to hang out. It's so easy to feel disconnected to each other during this quarantine and we think it's important to continue making an effort to see each other. We can't wait to see you! Be sure to tune in right away at 8pm!

Friday Night: 808's N Chill Live Remix Show

We have another live show stream planned for this Friday 4/24/20 at 5pm! We've always had it in the back of our minds to come out with and old school chilled out remix record so we figured we'd try the idea on you this weekend. We going for a chill, extra intimate and dare we say "sexy" vibe. We promise we won't try to talk you into (or out of) anything. It's just a completely innocent, consensual "808's N Chill" live stream. Have a drink and relax with us. You deserve it.

So... What's An 808, Anyway?

Your brain is amazing! Did you know that when you hear sound you not just listening to one thing? You're brain is actually listening for and processing the presence or absence of  20,000 individual things on average. These things are called hertz. Most sounds cover a pretty wide spectrum of frequencies but with technology we're able to find out which frequencies seem to show up the most often in any given sound. We call these "fundamental frequencies," and humans are generally pretty good at hearing frequencies that fall between 20-20,000hz.

Normally, we can't assign just one frequency to a sound because sound is typically a collection or range of noise but every once in awhile there's a specific sound that carries a specific frequency and without it, it just wouldn't sound right. One of these sounds is a kick drum, the base of rhythm in a song. It's most important fundamental frequency is 808hz. Take that out and it just doesn't sound right!

The Original Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer or more commonly referred to as "The 808" was a drum machine made by Roland between 1980 and 1983. It was one of the very first drum machines of it's kind that allowed the user to program rhythmic patterns instead of relying on preset drum machine beats (like the pre-programmed beats on your uncle's cheap keyboard). Not only was the tech revolutionary the sounds were iconic and remain in a wide range of music to this day. If you hear a good hip hop song it probably is using an 808. If you want to learn more about it you can on Roland's Official Website HERE.

Spring Tour Officially Canceled...

We sadly made the decision yesterday to cancel the final 6 weeks of Spring Tour bringing the total up to 14 weeks off the road. We're really bummed. And we'd be lying if we said we didn't have to hold back some tears. We had planned to hit Savannah, GA, Jacksonville FL, Louisville KY, Columbus OH, Myrtle Beach SC, Southern Pines NC, Chattanooga TN, Tallahassee FL, Ocean Springs MS and a bunch more! We feel it's important to continue you to do our part in flattening the curve of Covid-19 not necessarily for us but for our fans, friends and close family members that are at high risk for complications.

In the mean time we will continue to work on new music, content & live show show streaming so we can still maintain a connection to you. You are why we play music. It is such a privilege. We'll see you soon, even if it's not in person. We're in this together. Be sure to tune in this week. We're not saying you need to dress up, rock your Roshambeaux merch and be as cool as our friend Joe G pictured below... but you should probably dress up, rock your Roshambeaux merch and be as cool as our friend Joe G. See you on the next stream. Stay well & send pics!

All photos by Roshambeaux
Additional photo credits:
Roland Corporation "TR 808"
Jerry Grillo, "Joe Grillo"


Is it Responsible For Bands to Live Stream During "Shelter in Place?" 

Only Under Specific Conditions...

We originally had this live stream planned two weeks ago. Georgia originally put in place a "Shelter in Place" order from April 3-13 and has since extended it. Being unsure of what that meant for producing content we decided to hunker down and suspend any studio work that required us to leave our houses until we got more information. Since the order has been extended for another month, we looked over the rules for Georgia businesses and how to maintain minimum operations. We've concluded that we can safely and responsibly provide live streams under the current Shelter in Place regulations because we can reasonably maintain the recommended social distancing requirements for businesses to maintain minimum operations to provide services and stay viable. If you're a GA business owner or just curious and haven't had a chance to read over the order you can HERE.

If that sounds confusing (and yes, we had to read it 6 or 7 times) we're able to provide a live stream this week because our studio is big enough for two people to keep 6 feet apart at all times, is not inside someone's house and is not open to the public. We've rescheduled our Full Show Quarenstream for this FRI 4/17/20 from 5pm-7pm and will be available to watch live on Facebook. You can follow our Facebook Page HERE so you'll be ready to tune in. The last one was SO much fun and we can't wait to hang out, have a drink and play some songs for you!

New Acoustic Live EP

Last week we released our first ever acoustic live EP called "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes Vol 1." If you haven't had a chance to check it out you can HERE.
We're a little blown away at how it's been received. We've been so used to making electronic music we were worried if we still had the chops to make an unplugged, live, single take per song project. As far as sales go, it's easily the fastest selling thing we've released to date. We're considering recording another volume. Let us know what you think? Maybe we'll become an acoustic duo... hahahaha... nah... but maybe.

Musicians That Can't Tour

We've had a few people give us reasons to not be career musicians over the years but "What if there's a world-wide pandemic that shuts down the live entertainment industry" was not one of them. You've shown us that not even that is a really good reason to give up. It's surreal. Being a musician in general means you're one email, show cancellation or bad review away from a debilitating panic attack. The fact that we've been able to press on through this absolute dumpster fire has little to do with us and everything to do with you. We have to adapt how we perform and release music because we have no idea when touring will resume and if it will still be the same when it does.

We don't think that this is necessarily true but it does show us that in an industry that is constantly changing and demanding evolution (when was the last time you bought a cassette tape un-ironically?) we'll be met with the challenges of growth for the better. During this time we've had to imagine a world where musicians can survive without a physical tour. You've shown us that it's possible when people support you and put value in what you do. As a result we've found new ways of creating content and staying connected. In addition to the live stream this week here's a list of this week's exclusive content for our supporters. Our goal is to keep this updated and fresh. We have a few new ideas for our next donation tier set but we'll be looking for your input and suggestions going forward so it stays valuable to you and people we meet in the future.

Thanks So Much To Our New Supporters This Week!

William H, Francis B, Robin L, Daniel S, Momentum of Today, David N, Rachel E, Steve B, Nick R, Savannah G, New Baby Connor W, Rebekah F, Marilyn V, Andrew W & Cheryl H!

Y'all are awesome! Thank you so much for your donations! We couldn't continue to make music without you!
See you Friday! BYOB

Note: Normally, "Shout Outs" are included in The VLOG as well. We've suspended shooting our YouTube VLOG until we're able to logistically capture audio and video while maintaining social distancing regulations. Let us know if you have any suggestions!


All photos by Roshambeaux



Extended Tour Cancellations, Shelter in Place & Our New Live Acoustic EP! 

Spring Tour Cancelled?

When we initially cancelled 5 weeks of our Spring Tour to do our part in flattening the curve of Covid 19 we knew there was a possibility we'd have to cancel more dates in the following weeks. Last week we had to cancel an additional 3 weeks bringing us to a total of 8 weeks off the road. We're unsure but it's a possibility we may have to cancel the remaining 4 weeks we have scheduled out. It's tough. As touring musicians, 90% of our income comes from being on the road. We've experienced tides of overwhelming emotion ranging from depression to panic. However, the most intense emotions we've felt over these past few weeks have been joy and gratitude. You've had our backs through this crazy mess and we had no idea how much support we would receive from you. We've said the word "Surreal" more times than we can count these past few weeks! Y'all are amazing! Thank you for allowing us to continue to make music for you!

Shelter in Place

If you've been following our YouTube page you may have noticed we haven't posted a new episode of Van Philosophy. We also had planned last week to do another live stream but the State of Georgia issued a "Shelter in Place" mandate that forced us to postpone. We are planning on rescheduling the live stream ASAP so be sure to keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram for an announcement. We're hoping to resume our new normal online programming next week.

We've been enjoying our time "stuck" at home hanging out with our families and tending our gardens.

New Music Out Today!

Last week we shadow dropped a new single called "Neighbors." We'll let you know how you can get a copy of it in just a bit but we're excited to announce another release this week! We've been wanting to release an unplugged project for awhile and with all the positive feedback from our first "Quaranstream" we decided that now was the perfect time to release it. Our brand new Acoustic Live EP "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes Vol. 1," is available today exclusively at 

We had so much fun recording it and we're excited to show you exactly how we did it! We have a ton of photos and artwork to show you that is included with the EP. There's even a printable "cut and fold" ecowallet we have for you.

Printable full size version available with album

We've Come A Long Way But We Have A Tough Road Ahead...

 As we are unsure of how long State and Regional quarantines will be in affect, we are also unsure how long we will be able to continue making music. If you enjoy what we do, please consider making a donation of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more. We have a brand new set of thank you packages including a secret "Quarantine Cover" that we hope you'll enjoy. Thanks so much for your support!

Mountain Bikes and Rocktronic Music!

There's a really cool mountain bike video floating around YouTube that has a song you might recognize as it's backing track. We we're so humbled by this! Check it out!


Our First Live Stream, New Single Neighbors & One More Thing... 

Last Week Was Awesome!

We added a few new features to our weekly Blog: Van Philosophy that includes a Vlog that's available here on our Website and on YouTube. This week we're on episode 2. It's also available as an audio podcast if you're not able to watch it which is available exclusively HERE. (Van Philosophy #2 will be available on 4/02/20)

Click Thumbnail to watch Van Philosophy #2- Our First Live Stream, New Single "Neighbors" & One More Thing.

Special thanks to our new supporters from last week!

We couldn't do this without you! We're SO humbled by you! The amount of support you've shown us is frankly overwhelming. We're so glad we get the privilege to keep making music for you!

Jay C, James M, James S, Dave C, Rebekah F, MacMogul Real Estate, Nickie P, Aubes Inc, Glen P, Heather G, David T, Brooks C, Kelly N, Momentum of Today Photagraphy, Nancy B, Steve B, Cynthia C & Hope H.

If you haven't had a chance to check out our Supporter Perks you can check it out at

Thank you so much! You're contributions have kept us going for almost 3 weeks of tour cancellations. We have a long way to go but with supporters like you, we know we're gonna make it out of this together!

Our First Live Stream!

Since we've had to cancel a good chunk of our Spring Tour due to Covid-19 (and it looks like we may have to cancel a few more dates as well), we've been missing seeing y'all! We decided we'd try out an Acoustic Live Stream so we could stay connected. If you missed it last week you can still watch it on Facebook HERE. We were unsure how it was going to go but we were blown away with y'all tuning in, requesting songs, sharing with your friends and donating with our virtual tip jar! It was SO MUCH FUN! There's been such a disconnect in our daily lives because of this quarantine and we felt relief from it hanging out with y'all. We can't wait to do it again!

New Single!

We realize it's April Fools but we promise we're not joking. Our new single comes out today! We had so much fun working on it with our friends at Maelstrom. We're really excited to show it to you. You can check out our promo video for it below.


Full Show Live Stream This Friday!

It was so much fun last week getting to see y'all and we can't wait to do it again! Be sure to tune in to our Facebook Page FRI 4/03/20 @ 7pm/EST. We had so much fun going unplugged last week but we're excited to say we'll be doing a full show stream! We've finished our testing and we're so excited to see you! Come hang out! 


How Our Fans Helped Us Recover, Adapt & Survive Last Week!  


As you may already know we've cancelled at least 5 weeks of our Spring Tour to help flatten the curve of Covid-19. We had no idea what was going to happen and frankly we were pretty scared of loosing 90% of our in come for at least a month and possibly more. We knew that canceling a large section of our tour and the uncertainty of when we'd be able to return could possibly cripple our jobs indefinitely. We turned to you asking for donations and we're so excited to say that we recovered almost the exact amount of income for the first week of cancellations so far. We're blown away! We have a long way to go but your donations and encouragement give us hope that we'll all get through this together! Thank you so much!

Last Week's Contributors!

Here's our new contributors for this week...Thank you so much!

Steve B, Nancy B, Peyton S, Robin, L, Eva N, Colby W, Rachel E, Daniel K, Alicia R, Mary B, Toni V, Angela C, Alexis R, Coleen K, Mercedes H, John & Laura L, Sherry S, William H, Morgan J, Alexandra M, Robert D, Tina L, Shawn K, Duke S, David M, Alfonso B & Gena V!

So, If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider donating $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more while we adapt the types of content we can provide for you during this quarantine and after. 


Covid-19 has hit the live entertainment industry really hard as most artist have cancelled their tours until further notice. We've also noticed in our community it's also hit the service industry especially hard too. It's really cool to see people coming together to support each other. A lot of local restaurants are offering delivery, curbside pick up, gift cards coupons, etc to stay in business. We're really proud of businesses that have closed down their normal operations and have adapted so the rest of us can still feel normal. It seems like it's more important now than ever to keep those things in our life.

For us and so many people this quarantine has been a little bit of a wake up call. We live in a fast pace digital world. Uber, Amazon, self check kiosks. People in general prefer having things done faster and online. We don't think that businesses need to adopt an entire new model to compete with bigger companies and automation but implementing services that adapt to how life is now, quarantine or not will definitely give us an edge in the competition and still maintain our soul.

We love making music for y'all! Although we've had to cancel our physical tour for the next month (and possibly more) through your donations last week we were able to continue to make music and conceptualize new ways to stay connected with you even though we can't physically be with you right now. We've gotten to work in the studio putting the finishing touches on a few new songs that we can't wait to release and developed a new weekly content program that in addition to the Van-Philosophy Blog will include a weekly VLOG and even a few live stream performances that we're excited to show you! Here's our first episode! We also have it as a podcast (player at bottom of this entry)!



We'll be streaming our first Free Virtual Concert and we feel it's only fitting to do it live and unplugged on our front porch (weather permitting) like true Georgia boys!  Make sure you tune in live FRI 3/27/20 at 7pm on our Facebook Page so you can participate, chat, request songs and have a drink with us (It's not like we'll be driving, lol). If you can't make it we'll have it available for you to stream anytime the following week.

Check out this beautiful 1964 Gibson B-25 on loan from a friend for our upcoming FB live stream!

This will be the first of many and we're excited to get creative and make each Virtual Concert with a unique tone and setting. With your continued support we hope to continue live streaming and virtual concerts even after the quarantine as we get ready to hit the road again with a storm (whenever that may be). We have a lot more planned for you over the next few months! Email us with suggestions! We'll give our contributors first dibs and then open it up to suggestions from Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.